It’s official!

I quit my job to travel for a few months.  I was terrified of giving notice at work, but everyone was incredibly supportive and kind.

I’ve sold and donated my (cheap IKEA) furniture and moved out of my apartment in NYC.  I booked a one-way ticket from New York to Hanoi, departing tomorrow night.


Vietnam, here I come!

The rough plan is to visit Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Japan.  I have a list of “must-see” locations in each country, but I’ve made only a few advance bookings so far, mainly to cover my accommodation and activities for the first week.  I want to keep things flexible in case I get recommendations from other travelers.

This flexible approach is very different from my usual travel style.  I’m used to planning my daily schedule and booking everything in advance to make the most out of my vacations.  When I had only a limited number of vacation days, I wanted to make sure everything would go smoothly.  With a longer timeframe, there’s less pressure to get things right all the time.  I hope to see more of the countries I visit at a less frenzied place.  I can also guarantee something will go wrong on this trip: I’ll get lost, experience travel delays, get sick, or stay in a questionable hostel.  Since I’m not in a rush, these complications are minor setbacks rather than major problems.  At the very least, they can serve as good stories!

I plan to use this blog to provide updates from the road.   I hope to take lots of photos and share some of my experiences.  I’m always open to recommendations, whether for destinations, food, or reading material to keep me occupied on a 27-hour flight.  Looking forward to getting this started!

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