Alice Who?

It’s been a while. I know. I had some Life Things (i.e., a job search and a move) to deal with the past few months. So, the blog has been neglected. That’s sad because I haven’t even gotten to talk about some of my favorite places (Patagonia and Medellín, OMG).

Now that I’m kinda sorta back to a normal life, I want to finish this. It might take a while since I’m still in the process of settling down. I mean, I’m sitting on the floor of my new dining room, with my air mattress chilling out next to me. I don’t have any furniture besides four IKEA dining chairs that I bought–and assembled!–this past weekend. Real life calls.

But seriously, I hope to get back to updating this, if only to talk about how gorgeous Patagonia is. And how vibrant Medellín is. And how much searching for jobs sucked. And how it ended up working out because I got a shiny new job.

I can’t say “watch this space” because that would suggest I have something really cool to show. It’s just going to be more of the same. So…keep an eye on this area?

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